Agnieszka Dankowska

Sworn translator for German and Polish since 2003

Earned an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and holds a graduate degree from the Adam Mickiewicz University – School of Translation and Interpreting. Worked as a translator at the Ernst & Young international consultancy after graduation. Self-employed since 2003.

“I’m an avid reader of good literature, an amateur photographer, and an incorrigible cat lover. I enjoy mountain climbing and listening to rock music. Plus, I love a good read and homemade baked goods.”

Specialisation and select projects:

  • Collaboration with the so-called “big four” companies, as well as other tax consultancies and law offices
  • Taxation and law counselling, tax reviews, documents for judicial proceedings, court rulings
  • Reports and opinions of certified auditors, property appraisals, due diligence analyses
  • Certified translations: diplomas, school transcripts, birth/death/marriage certificates, etc.
  • Financial reports for companies in the energy, coal mining, and other sectors
  • Catalogues and websites of German subsidiaries of major manufacturing companies
  • Translations related to the conferral of an honorary doctorate to a former German foreign minister
  • Interpretation work for representatives of local self-government units from the area around Wielkopolska during an academic stay in Germany
  • Interpretation work for Polish judges in German courts


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