Darek Adamiak

Sworn translator for German and Polish since 1998

+48 601 84 76 88

Holds a graduate degree in German Studies from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, and recipient of a DAAD scholarship. Formerly headed the translation division of the Ernst & Young international consultancy. Later, worked as a translator in the Domański–Zakrzewski–Palinka law office. Today still working as a translator—with a passion for the job.

“I’m a recreational sailor, an occasional biker, at times a chaotic gardener. I enjoy reading, listening and observing, and just marvelling at other people’s talents.”

Specialisation and select projects:

Translation of the Polish Labour Code into German (published by Verlag C.H.Beck Munich in Germany and C.H.Beck Warsaw in Poland)

Translation of the Polish Customs Code into German (published by C.H. Beck Warsaw in Poland)

Co-author of the Polish translation of the German Minimum Pay Law

Websites of law and tax offices

Opinions, analyses, reports in various areas of law

Documents for legal proceedings, court rulings and decisions

Corporate documents

Expert evidence and reports of certified auditors, financial reports, due diligence analyses


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