Darek Adamiak

sworn translator and interpreter of German since 1998

Holds a graduate degree in German Studies from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, and recipient of a DAAD scholarship. Formerly headed the translation division of the Ernst & Young international consultancy. Later, worked as a translator in the Domański–Zakrzewski–Palinka law office. Today still working as a translator—with a passion for the job. “I’m a recreational sailor, an occasional biker, at times a chaotic gardener. I enjoy reading, listening and observing, and just marvelling at other people’s talents.”

Specialisation and selected projects:

  • Translation of the Polish Labour Code into German (published by Verlag C.H.Beck Munich in Germany and C.H.Beck Warsaw in Poland)
  • Translation of the Polish Customs Code into German (published by C.H. Beck Warsaw in Poland)
  • Co-author of the Polish translation of the German Minimum Wage Law
  • Websites of law and tax offices
  • Opinions, analyses, reports in various areas of law
  • Documents for legal proceedings, court rulings and decisions
  • Corporate documents
  • Opinions and reports of certified auditors, financial statements, due diligence reports



ul. Woźna 9D/3
61-777 Poznań


NIP: 7831685369
REGON: 301997552