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About us

Interpreti is a joint initiative of five translators. We all had been working on our own for many years and become well established in the market. However, by combining our efforts we can accomplish more. A trove of experiences, a pronounced sense of professionalism, ample expertise and, most of all, full responsibility for our work – this is the potential that our reliable team can leverage. Contact us today to find out. We look forward to working with you.

Passion and commitment always matter

To be willing to constantly learn new things, to be curious about the world and ready to question even the most obvious solutions are crucial traits not only for translators. Add to this knowing our clients’ needs, attention to detail, timeliness, reliability, flexibility, and professionalism. At interpreti we guarantee all that.

Our team

Professional service is a combination of knowledge, skill and experience.

Katarzyna Adamiak

Darek Adamiak

Agnieszka Dankowska

Anna Jaremko

Anna Wawrzynowicz

Our offer

It would seem that these days the knowledge of foreign languages is an obvious thing. However, even a very good command of language is not enough when you are faced with a technical text. Specialist translations – such as legal or technical – require first of all expertise and experience in a given field. Each translator gains this expertise for years – it is a result of his or her own work, painstaking searches and often mistakes. Since most translators operate in the market independently, their opportunities for exchange of experience with their colleagues are limited. At interpreti we combine the skills, knowledge and expertise of five sworn translators and interpreters, which gives us the mythical synergy for the benefit of our clients. Each sworn translator has his or her preferences in terms of specialisation and type of work (translation or interpreting). Naturally, you cannot be good at everything. Even in a field as wide as legal or technical translation, there are areas that are less or more familiar to a given translator. Interpreti has an advantage here too. Thanks to close co-operation of five German translators and interpreters we can offer a wider scope of specialisations, from labour law, tax law, rail vehicles to door and window joinery, to name but a few. We also offer interpreting, both during small business meetings and large company events.

Interpreti is not only sworn translators and
interpreters of German

It is also network of experienced translators and interpreters of other languages built over many years who we co-operate with on an ongoing basis. Thanks to their expertise and competences that we can offer to our clients top quality legal and technical translations. Their professionalism and competent approach to all translations (both ordinary and certified) guarantees that the expectations of even the most demanding clients are met.


We co-operate with dozens of companies, institutions and entities in Poland and Europe.

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We treat each translation and interpretation project on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to get a quote and consultation of a potential assignment. You will find all contact details in the contact section..



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