Anna Wawrzynowicz

sworn translator and interpreter of German since 2006

Earned an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, lecturer for the Post-Graduate Course for Translators of the German Language. A seasoned simultaneous and consecutive interpreter.
“I’m a workaholic who spends my few free moments in the open air, walking less-travelled roads. A homebody by nature, I love good literature and music, and in my free time, I pursue my passion of playing the piano. My dog keeps me fit and doesn’t let me sit at the computer for too long.”

Specialisation and selected projects:

  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting,
  • Technical and legal translations,
  • Translation of legal texts (laws, regulations and standards),
  • Interpretation work at supervisory and directors’ board meetings for companies with German shareholders,
  • Technical documentation of manufacturing equipment, product catalogues, tender criteria, construction ledgers (main areas of expertise: rail vehicles, woodworking),
  • Interpretation work in civil and criminal courts and in patent infringement proceedings,
  • Translation of catalogues, presentations of products and services concerning cathodic anti-corrosion protection and cutting-edge solutions in industrial robotics,
  • Interpretation work for the training session at a School of Transactional Analysis.



ul. Woźna 9D/3
61-777 Poznań

NIP: 7831685369
REGON: 301997552